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„Nothing in the world is as powerfull as an idea,
whose time has come!“

(Victor Hugo, 1802-1885)


About Russia:

Regularly new highs of the RTS index and one of the fastest and lasting growing national economies of the world... These are the present conditions in the Russian Federation, from which arise gigantic sales opportunities for international investors and excellent investment chances for private persons.

It is only ten years ago that Russia could not pay its debts anymore and devaluated the rouble. The economy and the share prices know only one direction since then: steep up. And the market is still reasonable weighted because Russian enterprises are very profitable. Thanks to the lucrative oil and gas exports Russia shows an impressive national account balance surplus. With currency reserves of several hundred billion US dollars and an extremely low indebtedness quota the country´s future position is a very strong one. But the economy consists of much more than oil and gas. The diversification makes progress, Russian banks make substantial profits with robust growth rates and the private consumption is the growth engine thanks to salary increases. And because of the passed duma and presidential elections the political trend is stable. The basis for thrilling and successful next years could not be better.

Since 2004 I am living, working and doing research in St. Petersburg, the "Venice of the north" and the Russian gate to the west. I have got to know the Russian mentality during this time and have a widespread network of colleagues and friends who explain me their views of the events and help to cope with the challenges of the daily life and to understand country and people.


As it is wellknown, the most important rule of investment consulting is: "Limiting losses and letting profits grow". However, the human character makes the practical and consistent following of this rule a daily challenge for investors. It has lasted for many years and some crashes with me myself till I really could estimate the practical meaning of sentences like "The trend is your friend". But it was hardly possible differently, too, because my first contact with the share markets, at that time as a bank clerk trainee, fell in a periode in which the 1998 Asian economic crisis was just over and the IT boom knew only one direction for the markets up to the year 2000: upwards. The following economy scandals, the September 11th and the falls in share prices connected with that of almost 80 per cent (German share market index DAX) have raised for me many questions but brought hardly answers. In innumerable customer conversations as a Senior investment consultant in a big German private bank I was confronted on the one hand with questions of the human psyche but on the other hand also with the limitations in qualified consulting of clients, when you work for a big purchase organization like a bank. Of course it did not satisfy me.

So I tried to find answers and explanations in the university libraries of this world. Many weeks and month I spent at universities in Germany, in the USA, in Sweden and in Russia and dealed with the scientific work about portfolio and risk management and Behavioral Finance. I could already transfer these experiences in my own papers. But nevertheless I will not stop asking questions. Particularly in 2006 and 2007 I have carried out extensive studies and backtestings about automatic trading systems. Furthermore my expeditions and extensive bicycle tours all over Eastern Europe have aroused my interest for other cultures and people.

The combination of these professional, scientific and private experiences I connect under the roof of my enterprise "TH Investment Consulting". For private persons, banks, educational institutions and publishing houses I offer individual consulting and publicity services as well as the job as lecturer in numerous topics and in three languages. Please visit TH Individual Consulting for further information.

Furthermore I offer several services for German and German-speaking clients. I publish a weekly newsletter which represents and evaluates statistically the current economic development in Russia and their consequences for the share markets as well as the development of Russian shares, including a specially developed rating system. However, I summarize the development of other investment regions and instruments with extensive statistics, too. Interested clients have the possibility to invest with a list of recommendations and an example portfolio long-term successfully.

The value of a portfolio which consists of my own investments and recommendations is published monthly and evaluated statistically. So the possibility of following up my private performance transparently and profiting from it arises for my clients and for all other interested persons. Please visit the German part of the website or contact me for further information: .

The idea is there. The time has come. Let yourself inspire!

About me:

•    Born 1977 in the German Democratic Republic (GDR)
1984-1997 School education


•    1997/1998 Basic military service as a Radar flight reporter in German Air Force
1998-2001 Training in a German private bank; Cottbus / Germany; graduation: bank clerk (IHK)
2001 Junior finance consultant in a German private bank; Cottbus / Germany
2001-2005 Senior investment consultant in a German private bank; Berlin / Germany
since 2005 Self-employed investment consultant for private clients and several banks; St. Petersburg and Moscow / Russian Federation
since 2006 CEO and founder „TH Investment Consulting“; St. Peterburg / Russian Federation and Berlin / Germany


2001-2005 Diploma bank science of Business Management; University of Applied Sciences for technology and economy; Berlin / Germany; graduation: Graduate in Business Abministration
2004-2006 Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Banking and Finance at Stockholm International Business Institute (SIBI) of Stockholm University School of Business, Stockholm / Sweden and at International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg / Russian Federation; graduation: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Banking and Finance of Stockholm University School of Business
2005 Research Stay at „School of International and Area Studies” of Oklahoma University; Norman, Oklahoma / USA
Since 2007 Doctoral candidate Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg / Germany


„Special qualities of East European stock markets” Working Paper, School of International and Area Studies (SIAS), Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma / USA
“Der russische Aktienmarkt: Bewertung der spezifischen Chancen und Risiken im Vergleich zu den Märkten der CECE-Staaten Polen, Tschechien und Ungarn” („The Russian share market: Assessment of the specific chances and risks in comparison with the markets of the CECE states Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary“), Diploma Thesis, University of Applied Sciences for technology and economy, Berlin / Germany)
“WTO membership: The consequences for the Russian banking system” International Higher Education Academy of Sciences Nr. 3 (37), Moscow / Russian Federation, ISSN 1815-0624, pp. 129-137
„The future challenges for the Russian banking system from a foreign view“ Working Paper, International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg / Russian Federation
„The Consequences of the Russian WTO joining for the banking system“, Master Thesis, Stockholm University School of Business; Stockholm / Sweden
•    2007:
„From 1998 crisis to WTO membership: Challenges for the Russian banking system“ (in: “Banken in Mittelosteuropa im Spannungsfeld von Transformation und Innovation”), ISBN 978-3-86618-145-8, Rainer Hampp Verlag Munich, pp. 140-159


•    Since 2003: bdvb e.V. (Association of German economists)
•    Since 2005: dialog e.V. (Association of German and Russian economists)
•    Since 2005: ebtn (European Banking Training Network)
•    Since 2006: St. Petersburg Business Club
•    Since 2007: BIfBU (Berlin institute for bank´s leadership)
•    Since 2007: Competence center „International innovation and midcap company research“ Berlin

Spare time:

•    Sports (Marathon running, bicycle riding, swimming)
Chess, reading

For questions and encouragements please contact me: